Friday, September 23, 2011

Buck Rake

Trevor with Dolly and Polly
Trevor and Dolly and Polly
Nick Phillips with Prince and Pearl

Nick (left) and Trevor (right)

We get a lot of people interested in the buck rakes we use to put up our hay. You don't see many around from the when they hayed with horses in the past. Mostly because the wood has rotted out of them and only the hardware has been left behind. The two buck rakes we have were build up from scratch, all we had to start with were the front axles, the lifter, and crazy wheels.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Sun Valley Wagon Day's 2011

Trevor driving Dolly and Polly hauling the Sun Valley Chamber of Commerce.
Sheep Camp

This year we were asked if we could bring a team and pull a wagon for the Sun Valley Wagon Day's parade. We used our 2 and 3 year of Clydesdale fillies. This was their first parade and second time to town. They were so good you would never have known that they were a set of young horses.